Packing: Syringe of 3ml & 5 application needles

25ml syringe, 25 application needles; 1 contactor & 3ml empty syringe.

2 x 25ml syringe, 50 application needles; 1 contactor & 2 x 3ml empty syringe.

Product information:

Restorite Etching Gel is a formulation of 37% phosphoric acid in thixotropic gel consistency, indicated for enamel etching and dentin conditioning. Stable formulation will not dry or thicken. Consistency is adjusted as stand up gel, which is easy to dispense with needles provided. Is available in bright purple color for easy identification. It is indicated for Direct composite restorations, Pit & fissure sealant application, Indirect restoration like composite or metal free ceramics along with recommended adhesive cements and bonding orthodontic brackets.

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