RC Fill

Zinc Oxide Eugenol Base Root Canal Sealant

Product information:

  • Zinc oxide eugenol base
  • Contains iodoform
  • Radio opaque
  • Bio resorbable set mass

Product Description:

RC Fill is a formulation for endodontic filling (material which could be used for filling of canal or can be used with gutta purcha cones as sealants).

RC Fill should not cause problem in case of over obturation as the material could be resorbed by body.

RC Fill is radio opaque material hence shall be noticeable in radiographs.


  • Permanent filling root canal
  • Along with gutta purcha points as sealants

Contra Indications:No known contra indication exists for product.

Precautions:Do not mix with eugenol while using.

Mixing & Working Time:Dispense required quantity of powder and liquid on pad provided and mix in circular motion with help of metal cement spatula till desired consistency is reached.Consistency,which gets pulled along with spatula till ½ of an inch is considered desirable. Thinner consistency shall retard and thicker shall enhance setting time.

RC Fill is adjusted to provide to offer mixing time 45 seconds,working time of 15 minutes so that multiple canals also could be filled from same mix.

Initial setting 30 minutes,final setting withing 6 hours.

Kit consists of Accelerator which could be used if faster setting times are required.

If removal is required set mass could be easily removed with help of RC Solve (Prime Dental ’s Gutta purcha and zinc oxide eugenol solvent) and gates drill.


After preparation and cleaning of root canal,mixed paste can be filled in canal with help of paste carrier or bi directional spirals.

Remove excess with cotton swab,seal off with cement.

Master cone now can be put in positing again till tug back is felt.

Storage:Store away from sunlight in cool and dry place.

Package contents:Powder of 15g,Liquid of 10ml &Accelerator of 5g.

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