Ad-Sil Acura Soft Putty-Soft Set & Hard Set

Polyvinyl Siloxane Based Impression


  • Shore A-60 (Soft Putty-Soft Set).
  • Shore A-80 (Soft Putty-Hard Set).
  • Addition silicone impression material.
  • Soft Putty & Light Body.
  • Accurate detailed reproduction.
  • Highly stable impression.
  • Compatible to all die materials.
  • Suitable for all impression technique.
  • Ideal choice of impression for multiple pouring.

Product information:

Ad-Sil polyvinyl siloxane based impression material was developed to be used where precise impression is required especially during crown & bridge prosthesis. It could be used with any 2-phase impression technique. Putty as well as wash material should be mixed with equal quantity of base and catalyst. Putty should be kneaded with fingers. Wash material should be mixed with help of stiff spatula till uniform color is achieved. Wash material could be dispensed with help of syringe around margin of preparation. Use rigid tray which allows at least 3 mm space all around for taking impression. The use of PDP’s Debubblizer will help avoid surface porosity.

Soft Putty
Mixing time 30s
Load in tray 1m 10s
Insertion in mouth 1m 20s
Setting time 2m 45s

250ml Base &  250ml Catalyst